Premier Trends, the company that sells ‘Magic Heal’ came in to being after strangely turning of an engineer into a cracked heel cream formulator.

It was for fulfilling the desire of his wife who incited him to develop a really good and lasting cream for rough and cracked heels for her so that she could get rid of the bad looking heels once and for all and could stop wearing socks to hide her rough and cracked heels.

She was not satisfied with the available creams because the healing effect was temporary and application was messy, either flaky or greasy and having unpleasant smell.

Time and time again the wife used to remind her husband and asked for fulfilling her desire that her husband who has spent his whole life in design and construction should do something out of his profession as a lifelong gift to his wife.

Eventually, the engineer committed himself for the learning of an- altogether different field of study to give his wife the gift she wanted.

It was a difficult task of leaning the specifics of various ingredients, proportioning, experimenting and testing the formulation for its application and effectiveness.

It took more than a year to finalize the formulation after more than hundred people tested and most of them excitedly remarked “It works like magic”.

The name “Magic Heal” is the given name by those who used the final product. The Gift that once was formulated for the happiness of the wife is now available for those who want to benefit from it.

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